Our mission & vision

QCode was founded after a simple observation. "Infinite change" in the universe...

Developing technology has brought radical changes in people's life, work, and shopping habits.
This change has become inevitable for businesses without exception.

This process of change, in which only businesses that can transfer their business to digital in the near future will survive,
formed our basic vision when QCode was founded.

With this motivation, for businesses; we set out to produce powerful, easy-to-use, and integrated solutions.
We work hard to contribute to sales-enhancing activities by providing useful, practical, and personalized experiences for businesses.

"When you are through changing, you are through"
- Bruce Barton

Our Core Values

Team Spırıt
Our belief in teamwork is at the heart of our success. We attach importance to different opinions and encourage free thought and exchange of ideas.
Customer Focused
We look at every project through the eyes of our customers. We recommend technologies that best meet the needs.
We build relationships of trust in all our projects. We determine trust and mutual respect as our basic principle in all our processes.
Informatıon Sharıng
We believe in the importance of communication. No matter how complex the processes are, we inform our customers at every stage of the project.
We give equal importance to every project. Projects are not temporary jobs for us. It is the first step of long-term collaborations.
Contınuous Learnıng
Many members of our team come from different disciplines. We follow current technologies and make investments to learn new technologies.

We support and empower young entrepreneurs!

Due to "change", which is our main motivation, we support the spread of new technologies and the implementation of innovative projects. For this, we implemented our "Young Entrepreneur Support" project.

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