E-Commerce Consultancy

The change in the digital world has had its most obvious impact on the retail sector. As a result of this change, consumers abandoned their traditional shopping habits and turned to e-commerce shopping, which provides speed, comfort, and convenience.

This change has brought with it the activities of new companies in this field. Many companies are trying to do e-commerce with e-commerce standard solutions in order to get a share of this deep ocean.

Every e-commerce business is unique, but many have models and shortcuts that apply, there are principles that can be used to measure and magnify results on different e-commerce sites, and there are common pitfalls that can be avoided.

Working with expert e-commerce consultants can help you acquire some of these skills and experiences, reduce costs and reduce risk and increase the value of your project by applying expert skills and knowledge to your biggest e-commerce issues.

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Streamline purchasing processes to maximize your e-commerce performance.


The correct management of your stocks, efficient operation form the basis of customer satisfaction.


Maximize website traffic and sales through marketing campaigns.

Market Entry Consulting

For startups and companies launching a new online sales channel, we provide a consulting service package for a risk-free launch.

We offer solutions such as target market measurement, market size, growth potential, competitiveness, entry cost, investment calculation and market entry strategy.

Technology Consultancy

We provide ecommerce software consulting services to help you navigate a vast technology landscape and choose an optimal solution.

With digital analysis, we determine your technology needs, align business requirements with technology requirements, and support you to choose the most suitable software solutions from a cost-benefit perspective.

Operational Consulting

With operational consulting, we focus to improve and maximize the efficiency of a target business workflow.

We offer customized solutions for your business in supply chain management, procurement and production planning, order management and distribution, data management and analysis.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

We focus on business KPIs and review your strategy and technology aspects to drive traffic, conversions and revenue up.

Technologies We Work With

"We treat our projects seriously. We prefer the most appropriate technological infrastructures in line with the needs. According to the scope and needs of the project, we may prefer ready-made structures, as well as developing customized software systems."